Get the Scoop on the History of Spoons

Browse our collectible spoon displays in Davenport, IA and the Quad Cities area

Are you fascinated with vintage or unusual spoons? If you love all things spoon, Mississippi Spoon Gallery is the place for you. Our museum has an impressive display of antique spoons in the Quad Cities area of Davenport, IA. We believe that preserving the history of these artifacts is a great way to pass along a little bit of the past. We have spoons from all backgrounds, including ones with intricate details. Every spoon has a story, and we have something that will catch anyone's attention.

Visit our collectible spoon gallery today. We are open seven days a week.

You never know what you'll find

Mississippi Spoon Gallery has several displays of collectible spoons for your viewing pleasure. We have spoons from:

  • Native American collections
  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • The suffragette movement
We get our spoons from conventions and through donations. Plan a trip to our antique spoon museum today.

Why visit Mississippi Spoon Gallery?

If you're looking for fun and educational things to do in Davenport, IA, Mississippi Spoon Gallery is a can't-miss destination. Our museum of collectible spoons offers a unique experience for antique enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Not only do we boast a great collection of beautiful spoons, but we're always looking for ways to engage with our community. That's why we regularly attend spoon conventions and hold spoon clubs. Whether you're a lifelong antique spoon appreciator or you're just starting to learn about these amazing artifacts, we have something for you! Stop by our spoon museum next time you're looking for things to do in Davenport, IA.